Thursday, 13 August 2015

Learning from mistakes

Learning from mistakes, I was raised in the firm belief that this is a fundamental concept of mankind to acquire knowledge. The canonical example:
  • Kid is told not to touch the hot plate because it's too hot.
  • Kid touches it anyways.
  • Kid burns his fingers.
  • Kid realises the mistake she just made.
  • Kid cries in pain.
  • Kid does not touch the hot plate again.
When and why did the corporate world un-learn this concept? A recent ludicrous example (links only in German, sorry). Some of you may use a Motorola Moto G phone, praised for its very good bang-for-the-buck-ratio. Unfortunately for some users, it does not come with a charger for a standard power outlet.
Last year, a few German discounters wanted to close this gap and just bundled a cheap charger with the Moto G. Too cheap, as it turned out, because the damn thing was prone to dangerous overheating and was subsequently recalled. "That happens", you might say, and you may be right.
This year, German discounters sell the successor of last year's device, the Moto G (2nd gen.), and, again, this device does not come with a charger for a standard power outlet. Again, the discounters wanted to close the gap and bundle a cheap charger with the Moto G (2nd gen.). I am sure by now you see it coming. A few days ago, these chargers have also been recalled because of - you guessed it - overheating issues. Good old friend Spock would probably right now raise his eyebrow and make his trademark statement: Fascinating.

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